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AC Bergen-Fischer is a dynamic individual with a diverse background which has shaped his unique perspective on life. As a seasoned observer of the human experience, he delves into the intricacies of human connections. AC's exploration of how the relationship with oneself influences other connections reflects his deep passion for human relationships.Hailing from a background with roots in Canada, South Africa, and Paraguay, AC's multicultural upbringing instilled in him a broad understanding of different perspectives. His family's nomadic lifestyle during his childhood and teenage years, including several years living abroad, has fueled his desire to explore the complexities of human connection.AC brings a refreshing blend of spirituality and a keen sense of personal responsibility to his work. Despite facing challenges like anxiety, CPTSD, panic disorder, and depression, he remains committed to sharing his insights and helping others.A devoted family man, AC is a proud father of two, drawing inspiration from both the joys and hardships of parenthood. Despite being estranged from most of his biological family, he has found a deep bond with his best friend, Jason, whom he lovingly refers to as a brother.AC's interests are as varied as his background. He has created multiple engaging podcasts that showcase his diverse passions. "In The Blood" explores how our relationship with ourselves interacts with our relationships with others, offering deep insights into personal and interpersonal dynamics. "100 Years Ago" delves into the music and history of The Rolling Stones, combining his love for music with historical insights. Links to additional projects are available in the "appearances" section.Embodying the beliefs that offence is taken, not given, and that taking responsibility is more productive than assigning blame, AC's life reflects his resilience, wisdom, and commitment to cultivating meaningful connections in a world that often pulls people apart.

100 Years Ago

100 Years Ago Podcast

"100 Years Ago" is a podcast dedicated to exploring the rich history and enduring legacy of The Rolling Stones.Hosted by AC Bergen-Fischer, this series delves into the band's origins, their rise to fame, and the cultural impact they've had over the decades. Each episode features deep dives into iconic songs, personal reflections, and insights from the host, music historians and fellow fans.Whether you're a lifelong Stones aficionado or just discovering their music, "100 Years Ago" offers an engaging and heartfelt journey through the decades with rock 'n' roll's greatest band!

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100 Years Ago Podcast

In the early 1960s, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones emerged as two of the most influential rock bands, each representing different musical and cultural styles.The Beatles, with their clean-cut image and catchy melodies, quickly became global sensations, appealing to mainstream audiences.In contrast, The Rolling Stones embraced a rebellious, raw energy rooted in blues, attracting fans who preferred a grittier sound. The media fuelled a rivalry between the two, leading to the famous Beatles vs. Stones debate.Despite this, both bands respected each other and significantly shaped the music of the era. The Beatles' innovative approach and The Rolling Stones' rock and roll spirit defined the 60s, creating a lasting legacy in rock history.New episode available here

In The Blood

In The Blood Podcast

In The Blood delves into the intricacies of our connections with others, self-discovery, and the interplay between the two.Through the shared experiences of the host and guests, the podcast explores topics such as family estrangement, separation from loved ones, reconciliation, and the enduring presence of hope.Rooted in inspiration and insight, this project serves as an invaluable resource for those who have grappled with the complexities of forging meaningful connections with others and navigating the journey of self-discovery.

Current Episode

"Should I Stay or Should I go?"

"Should I Stay or Should I Go?"Trying to decide whether or not a relationship is worth fighting for can be extremely difficult. This week, AC walks us through the things we need to consider while grappling with that question...To connect with Jason, visit his Facebook www.facebook.com/Dyceman or TikTok www.tiktok.com/@podverseVisit our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/@inthebloodpodIf you'd like to financially support this project for as little as $5, please visit www.buymeacoffee.com/inthebloodpodFinally, if you're interested in booking coaching sessions with myself or Jason, you can do so by emailing [email protected].new episode available now on all major podcast platforms or by clicking here

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I'm delighted to connect with fans and listeners. Feel free to reach out to me through social media or email—I'd love to engage in a conversation about any topics I've covered! If you're interested in being a guest on one of my shows or having me as a guest on yours, it would be my honour. Visit www.facebook.com/inthebloodpod, and click the 'book now' button.Much Love!